Applet Upload Demo

by golan @ 6:11 pm 10 January 2010

Note that these instructions also appear here in expanded form.

First, I prepared my files:

  • Before I exported my applet, I gave my sketch a good name, like “golan-demo”.
  • This project name is good because it contains no caps, no spaces,
    and because it includes my name and project title.
  • I edited my applet’s HTML file so that the div margins were 0 (zero).
  • I also renamed my applet’s HTML file to “golan-demo.html” instead of “index.html”.

Then I uploaded the files to the blog, and edited the post:

  • I uploaded the applet’s HTML file. I copied the URL that was generated by WordPress for the uploaded asset:
  • I also uploaded my project’s .jar file, the “loading.gif”, and the Archive zip of my project.
  • Then I inserted the IFRAME HTML code, in the post’s HTML editing mode.
    It looked like this:

    <iframe frameborder=”0″ src=”” width=”600″ scrolling=”NO” height=”350″></iframe>

and it produced this:

Here are some important last notes:

  • I gave my uploaded Post the Category, “Project-0”, so that it could be found alongside its sister projects!
  • If I didn’t feel like using the IFRAME, I could also just have created a link to the uploaded HTML file (as long as I also uploaded the other assets, like the .jar file):
  • Once you add the IFRAME code, It’s important to never edit this post again in “Visual” mode (non-HTML), or else the IFRAME code will get accidentally clobbered by WordPress, which is sucky.

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