Kuan-Ju Project-0

by kuanjuw @ 10:11 pm 12 January 2010

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/*project-0 reproduce Michael Noll's computer art:
Ninety Parallel Sinusoids With Linearly Increasing Perio*/
float yoffset=40;
float amplitude=30;  //the 1/2 of y peak-to-peak difference
float period=30/PI;  //the initional x wavelength
float shift=PI;      //the amount that shift to left
void setup(){
void draw(){
  for(int i=0;i<90;i++){   //reproduce the curve 90 times with different yposition
       for(int x=0;x<=width;x++){
       float y = amplitude*sin(x/period+shift)+yoffset; // y=asin(bx+c)+d
       vertex(x,y);         //draw cruve
       period+=PI/100;      //linearly increase the period
    period=30/PI;  //reset the period
    yoffset+=5.8;  //shift the yposition down

Kuan-Ju’s Crazy Pong

Kuan-Ju’s Crazy Pong is super crazy. Every time when the ball hits the paddle, the ball moves faster and the paddle gets shorter. The color of background changes when the ball bounces the paddle, which will disturb you and drive you crazy. Let’s see how long you can stay alive.

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