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by caudenri @ 8:38 am 13 January 2010
Screen capture from the Java applet
While its not technically media art or design, I wanted to talk a little about Galaxy Zoo Mergers, a crowdsourcing effort by a website attempting to classify galaxy collisions. Take a look at the “Science” link on the site for an in-depth explanation of why they are doing this project and what its benefits are to science- but in short, to better understand galaxy collisions, scientists need accurate simulations of galaxy collisions and the human eye is better at helping create these than a pure computer simulation. They’ve created a Java applet which works like a game to have the user tweak simulations of galaxies to look like actual pictures of galaxy collisions. I thought this was an interesting solution to crowdsourcing- by making the participation fun and engaging, people are both entertained and feel that they are contributing something unique and important to the world of science.

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  1. Very cool. Very much in the spirit of <a href=""Luis von Ahn’s approach to solving large-scale problems (reCaptcha, the image labeling game, the like). I’m a little surprised there aren’t more efforts to really create an economy around this sort of thing though (like Mechanical Turk, but more in the spirit of gambling/fine-tuning existing answers to find even better answers…) Like, there have been some economics/market based projects (like the one that pays people to predict terrorist attacks), but none that have the same element of “fun” of a game like, say, poker.

    Comment by sbisker — 17 January 2010 @ 5:36 pm

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