Looking Outwards: AR in everyday life

by Michael Hill @ 5:02 am 13 January 2010

As a sort of follow up to Karl’s post about augmented reality in the public eye, I thought I would talk about a couple of places one might find AR lately

The first relates to Avatar.  All of the toys for this movie come with a stand that seconds as what is called an “I-Tag”.  These, in combination with free software from the movie’s website, allow kids to “hold” models from the movie in their hand.  With certain combinations of I-Tags, the virtual creatures will even interact!

Watch this nifty video that WordPress refuses to embed! Then continue reading.

As seen in the video above, Lego is doing something similar.  Simply hold the box up to the screen, and it will show you a digital representation of what it will look like after having been built.  I was lucky enough to experience this kind of display on a recent trip to Disney Land in California, and have to admit, it’s a nifty little feature to have at your fingertips.

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