Looking Outwards #2: Visualization

by areuter @ 8:37 am 18 January 2010

Although I’m extremely interested in data visualization, I usually don’t discover anything through it that’s actually useful–ie: changes that way I live.  However, this project–a bar next to the shower that lights up one bulb for each 5 liters of water used–is something that could really have an impact on me, and as a result, the world.  I do have a bad habit of taking long showers, often because I lose track of time since I’m just waking up.  This project is a great way to communicate this type of information (I’m blind without my glasses, but the lights would be easy to see), and it’s also more accurate than other methods I’ve devised (like watching the clock,which isn’t an accurate measure of water consumption AND requires me to step out of the shower).  Plus the thing looks cool.


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