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by davidyen @ 7:11 am 27 January 2010

I wanted to share two things, the first just came out but has started to make the rounds in the design circles, Feltron’s Annual Report for 2009. http://feltron.com/index.php?/content/2009_annual_report/
Nicholas Feltron has been publishing Annual Reports on his own life for 5 years. They’re wonderfully designed and feature some computationally driven data visualization, and some personal not-data driven stuff that makes the whole thing more interesting to read. I really liked how he presented quotes describing him as data, in this years report.

The second is the computational artist who helped Feltron with the processing work driving his visualizations, Zevan Rosser. http://www.shapevent.com. His archived Processing sketches are really interesting and exploratory, have a look: http://www.shapevent.com/archive.html.

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