Looking Outwards – Simulating Movement

by Karl DD @ 6:14 pm 31 January 2010

For my ‘Simulation’ project I am interested in how the movement of an object can be emphasized or represented in a static image.

One approach is to present a history of movement in a single frame. This has been a common technique in ‘sequential art’, see Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics.

This approach has been used in a number of other fields/projects/research. The below example is from the Recreating Movement project by Martin Hilpoltsteiner.

Another approach is to show how the moving object affects the environment. In this case a speeding car creates a path of dust. The below example is from Real-Time Simulation of Dust Behavior Generated by a Fast Traveling Vehicle (PDF).

Paul Klee’s Pedagogical Sketchbook also addresses the fundamentals of how to represent motion with static lines. As does the work of Futurism.

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