Looking Outwards — Simulation

by aburridg @ 8:06 pm 31 January 2010

So, I was not sure how to go about looking for artwork for this topic. First, I looked at liquids…I was pretty hungry at the time, and a YouTube user made a nice compilation of completely digitally fabricated simulations of thick liquids seen on commercials (mostly chocolate):

Then, I think, like the example in class, there are actual “art” pieces (albeit more commercial as well) that also simulate organic life:

The wilder beast stampede from The Lion King (excuse bad quality):

I was obviously taking a trip down memory lane while eating chocolate when I found those too. But, from the wilder beast stampede you see a simulation of Craig’s Reynold’s “Crowd Path Following” in the video.

Here’s another piece called “blender predator prey simulation with boids particle system.” It examines the properties of flocks, the same “Crowd Path Following” mechanic in addition to an “Avoidance” behavior from the larger birds of prey. It’s pretty hypnotic–unfortunately, since it’s YouTube, this video doesn’t have spot-on quality either. If you enlarge the window, you get a nice view though:

Here’s another example of birds’ flocking. In this one, a flock of birds follows the green ball and avoids the red ball.

I am very interested in flocking/herding behaviors. I definitely want to utilize and investigate more into the topic for my art project.

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