Looking Outwards: Simulation

by paulshen @ 3:49 pm 31 January 2010


This project uses particle system simulations to model the letters MTV. This is similar to the fabricated text that was shown in class on the first day.

One thing I see a lot of in the simulation category are particle simulations. The artist describes a set of laws, using complying with physics, and lets objects run wild in this programmed world. As this category suggests, there is beauty in defining the world and the laws that govern within, somewhat God-like.


Robert Hodgins does some spectacular work and I really wished he would released his source code so I could see the mathematics behind it all, but he’s hesitant on doing so, understandably. He simulates a flock of birds, perhaps even some of the ideas shown in the steering simulations shown in class. But the execution is also beautiful; the visuals are realistic.

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