Looking Outwards – Pixel City

by Max Hawkins @ 8:13 pm 31 January 2010

Pixel City

You may have already seen this because it was pretty popular with the blogs a few months ago, but I really enjoyed and thought I would post. In a series of blog posts Shamus Young, a long-time 3D game developer, explains how he created this procedurally generated city simulation. It was eye-opening for me to see his thought process.

[Pixel City]


On a similar note, this CityEngine software is a powerful tool to create realistic-looking city plans based on a city map and a simple set of rules. Really cool.


AVR Simulator

Probably not related, but interesting nonetheless: I found a computer simulator for AVR (Arduino) chips that could prove indispensable when testing more complicated physical computing projects.


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  1. Good call with the city generation Max – thanks. I’ll show this in class.

    Comment by golan — 1 February 2010 @ 5:36 am

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