Looking Outwards (FreeStyle): Formation of Snowflakes

by mghods @ 3:07 pm 9 February 2010

Snowflakes can be considered as a complex structures, which most of us find them beautiful. Formation and morphology of snowflakes have been subject of  many researches since 200 BC. Here is timeline of snowflake research by wikipedia. Among these researches, there have been efforts for generating snowflake forms. Here are some useful links, about simulating snowflake creation,  with short description of each:

1- SnowCrystals.com

This website contains many articles about snowflakes, snow crystals, and other ice phenomena. It mostly discussed snowflake from scientific point of view. In addition, it has a descriptive information about generating physical snowflakes.

2- Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice

Nakaya Ukichiro Muesum of Snow and Ice website contains links to works of arts inspired by snowflakes and works of Nakaya Ukichiro.

3- snowflakebentley.com

This web site is dedicated to Bentley’s life work and the stunning images of snowflakes he left behind.

4- Gravner-Griffeath Snowfakes

This website includes information about works of Gravner-Griffeath to model 3d snow crystal growth.

5- Snowflake Generator

A simple snowflake generator that use L-systems to create snowflake forms, it has advanced controls, can save snowflake images, and most important it is fun.

6- Fractal Snowflake Generator

It contains a small freeware utility for creating fractal snowflakes, patterns and backgrounds.

7-  Fun Stuffs

This website contains links to various fun applets for creating snowflake like forms. They are all fun, and some of them are good source of ideas for snowflake generation.

You can find lots of other interesting links by searching for: “snowflake generator”, “snow crystal growth”, “snowflake site:processing.org”, and simply “snowflake”

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