Project 2 Sketch, “Queen”

by aburridg @ 7:39 pm 9 February 2010

Here’s my prototype applet.

The final project will look like the prototype pretty much exactly–except the buttons and circles will move and interact differently.

The user (or audience, hehe) controls the “Queen” organism, represented in the prototype by the large circle. There are three types of ways the “Queen” can interact with the environment, as a breeder, hunter, or the prey. The user can select which environment in the top left corner.

As a Breeder, the user can spawn smaller organisms (at most 15). This isn’t in the prototype, but the smaller organisms will then follow the larger one around in a queue. The Queen will only be able to breed if it is large enough.

As a Hunter, the Queen can swallow smaller organisms. If it swallows an organisms it gets larger. The smaller organisms will avoid the larger organism.

As Prey, the smaller organisms will swarm and chase the Queen. The smaller organisms will get bigger the longer they touch the Queen, and the Queen will get smaller.

So, I suppose my first question is if this simulation counts as organic simulation. I mostly was interested in doing this because I wanted to experiment with the behaviors we talked about in class. I also wondered about my interface.

I’m also wondering how I could make this more interesting, or if there is already enough going on. I was considering making it a game so that another organism could become the Queen and the object of the game would be to remain as the Queen.

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  1. The basic investigation is a good one, I like the idea of different creatures with different roles, interacting.

    Some visual differentiation would help, since currently everything is a white circle. The visual appearance could also be improved through motion behaviors that have more variability — right now everything seems to be moving around more like Pong balls (sliding linearly and then bouncing at 45 degrees) than actual organisms with ‘goals’ (see Craig Reynolds’s flocking applets or Valentino Braitenberg’s book, Vehicles. Here’s an applet that may be interesting …

    Comment by golan — 13 February 2010 @ 3:17 pm

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