Chromafish, project 2 by david yen

by davidyen @ 6:11 pm 19 February 2010

This is somewhat updated from class. I added some more features to the UI which I think make the interaction experience a bit richer, but it’s still just the surface of what I probably should tackle, as far as access to the knobs and such.

Applet here:
Project info here:

Chromafish is an interactive simulation of fish behavior and genetic evolution that I programmed in Processing. The Chromafish are a peculiar (and fictional!) species of fish whose salient genetic feature is color. Dictate which color is dominant by using the menu at the top, and sit back and watch as they naturally select towards that color.
After experimenting with parametrically designed fish, I moved onto using flocking behaviors and perlin noise for organically changing vector fields. I used some open-source code snippets from Dan Shiffman and Robert Hodgin in this program.

I’m planning on bringing this to the iphone soon, whenever I have a chunk of time.

David Yen

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  1. It seems to sometimes have problems in Firefox. It looks like it works if you’ve just started Firefox, but after running a few applets and such, it won’t load it anymore. Anyone know if theres anything I can do about this?

    Comment by davidyen — 19 February 2010 @ 6:21 pm

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