Looking Outwards #5: Augmentation

by areuter @ 9:41 am 22 February 2010

I thought this implementation of augmented reality was interesting since it doesn’t use fiduciary markers or any other standard techniques for defining the surface on which to render. Instead, the makers have developed a way to read the architecture of the environment so that augmentations can be projected onto and surface within the frame.

Also, I thought the AR game of “Mario” on the street was really interesting–it reminded me of an article I read a few days ago about how “social games” may soon integrate with every aspect of our lives. However, many traditional gamers and developers feel left out of this movement. Perhaps AR games, like in “Mario”, can be used to bridge this gap by utilizing a social game mechanic in which you improve your score through interactions with your environment, which is augmented using AR to transform it into an immersive extraordinary experience.

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