trying to reproduce Georg Nees

by jsinclai @ 5:43 pm 23 February 2010

So at the beginning of project 2 I wanted to emulate some stuff that the early generative art guys did, just to test my abilities and learn something new. The Georg Nees piece Schotter looked like it was really simple to recreate:

It really just looked like a nested for loop, with displacement and rotation increasing proportionally to the row. Well, I certainly had some learning to do, but I really like the process more than the product! My “broken Schotter”s are much more interesting to me than my success.

First attempt

Here’s a PDF that contains all 7. The last 3 are really cool next to each other.

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Another issue I had was printing these out. Every printer I tried to print this on jammed. In particular, each printer had a “Fuser Jam.” After a week or so I realized that this is because the PDFs actually contain more data than it shows…well, I think that’s what the problem ways. In order to get them to print, I actually had to take a screenshot of the PDF (just a heads up!). I thought it was funny that this digital error was also causing physical errors as well (the printout would be there stuck in the “fuser,” all crumpled up).

I finally read the “translate” tutorial and figured it out.  Here are 6 different generations that are fairly close:

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I also made a slightly interactive version that just uses mouseX and mouseY to affect the squares. Press any key to freeze the animation (any key again to resume):

I still need a paper cutter for the 11″x17″s, but I printed them out and put them on my walls 🙂


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