Looking Outwards–Augmentation

by aburridg @ 7:04 am 24 February 2010

Sorry, I didn’t see that this Looking Outwards was due until I looked at the schedule this morning.

Here’s a piece that kind of has the same premise of what I wanted to do for my second project…using human input to create something visual.

This piece is by Camille Utterback and it’s called Aurora Organ:

The above link contains a video on the piece, but here’s a picture:

The piece is set up in an atrium and the human input is how people grasp the railing of a staircase in the atrium. Depending on how they grasp it columns of light hanging from the ceiling change color.

I also like how the piece fits into the environment. It pays with a simple gesture of grasping a railing that a person would normally not pay attention to.

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