Looking Outwards: LastHistory

by jedmund @ 5:50 pm 6 March 2010

This is why I use last.fm.

LastHistory visualizes your last.fm history. It displays every song you’ve ever scrobbled and the end looks like “a decoded genome, and has probably just as much metadata powering it.” If you click on the song and last.fm has the song data, it’ll play, and if you select a time period it’ll play your top tracks from that time period. You can also filter by year, time of day, day of the week, month, and pretty much any piece of metadata imaginable. It also will pull in your iPhoto events and iCal events and put them on the timeline as well. You can listen to the songs you might have been listening to during these things as well, and in the case of an iPhoto event, look at the photos at the same time.

LastHistory – Interactive Visualization of Last.fm Listening Histories and Personal Streams from Frederik Seiffert on Vimeo.

Mac users can go to the GitHub and download the binary, and try it out themselves. I highly recommend it. This is a real monster of a visualization project, so I thought I’d share. It was done by Frederik Seiffert at the University of Munich as a thesis project.

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