Looking Outwards–Capstone

by aburridg @ 8:49 am 15 March 2010

I want to do a continuation/deeper exploration of the theme I tried to portray in my first project. So, I will be doing an information visualization project. So, I figured looking up some more Info Vis art projects would be helpful and inspirational.

Here’s the first one: 10×10

I think we’ve seen a lot of projects like this one in class. The project uses a real time feeds from various news sites to take at most 100 images from these sites along with words associated with each picture. I suppose I would be interested in doing something along these lines–maybe have my participants draw what they think a color represents. Another reason I like this project is that it seems like an easy way to get the news all at once (and I know I need help with that since I rarely read the news). However, on that point, I think I would’ve liked this project more if the artist had instead used headlines or captions associated with pictures instead of just a word.

Here’s another: 10 Revealing Infographics about the Web

This webpage is very interesting (and funny!): it contains pictures that visualize information about the internet. It’s not interactive, but some of the graphs and map pictures were designed very nicely. I got some good ideas on how to design a good interface from these pictures. I know for my final project I want to display the data in more than one way.

I think we may have seen this in class, but I don’t remember. digg labs/arc

I found this project interesting because of the colors–since I’m going to be working with colors for my capstone project. This project uses colors to distinguish between different digg users though.

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