Final Project Proposal – Little Friends

by kuanjuw @ 11:51 pm 20 March 2010


In this project I am building a group of creature-like robots which interact with people.

In many movies we can find a group of small adorable creatures that are friends of  human beings.

We like creatures that is smaller than us and being surrounded by them we feel worm.

(of course, if those guys look like bugs in “Mummy” you might wanna run away)

They usually have same characteristics: soft, small, and pure soul. And most important thing is that they

make human beings aware of being respect to the nature.

In my final project I am interested in exploring the interaction between  a school of physical

objects and the user, also creating an experience of playing with objects which have minds.

To implement the kinetic installation I am thinking of using camera to track viewers’ position from above,

and projecting intense light circle on the floor. A school of light following robot will then tracing those

light sources.

Beacon at Lightwave 2009 from Cinimod Studio & Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.


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