Looking Outwards: Augmentation (Sightseeing telescope)

by paulshen @ 5:36 pm 20 March 2010


Sightseeing telescope reveals open wifi networks in urban space

Similar to my project of augmenting videos with optical flow, this project augments a telescope with the current state of wireless networks that can be “seen.” In the same sense, this project shows something that is invisible to the naked eye.

The telescope works with a WiFi antenna that can detect WiFi networks far away in a direction. Using this information, the sight of the telescope is projected on to a screen, along with circles indicating WiFi networks.

Obervatorio reflects on this scenario by informing viewers about the current state of wireless networks located in the area where the device is installed. The sightseeing telescope, installed on the Laboral tower, tracks and shows where Gijon’s wifi networks are located in real time. You can visualize them on the screen of the telescope, swing it around and see which areas have a denser wifi coverage, and get additional data such as which ones among these networks are open or private. Because Observatorio is programmed to try and connect to any open network available in the area, it can send the information from the observation tower to the exhibition hall, where it is displayed on a big screen. If there is no open networks detected in the area, Observatorio remains separated from the main exhibition space, located in another building. A modification of these networks is also offered, showing an ideal configuration in which the local residents of large areas in the city could gain or share access to it.

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