Looking Outwards – Augmented Reality

by ryun @ 8:14 pm 21 March 2010

Last semester, I built a “Virtual Wall” as my term project. This project was about tangible shopping experience. People buy furniture, televisions from the store but it is quite hard for them to see how they will look like on their apartment overall before they purchase them. So what they usually do is they buy the product only based on their imagination. The idea started from here. What if there is a way to upload their room picture on the wall and put the virtual item pictures on it and see how it looks like in advance? This is the concept about the project.

In this design, however, you need big space to see and control things and run a projector to make a real-size screen. I was thinking if there is another handy and easier way to keep this interaction and the main concept. Therefore, for this capstone project I would like to use augmented reality technology in iPhone and try to make interesting interaction with a virtual wall concept.

Besides, the virtual wall concept, it will have huge potential. I did not decided what it will be but, I would like to make something fun like these below.

Lego Augmented reality

Hallmark Augmented reality card

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