Final Project: Proposal

by areuter @ 10:34 am 24 March 2010

Idea / Summary
Continue the Minute idea I worked on in the first project
Create gallery installation (for senior show / STIA exhibition)
Present audiovisual display of people perceiving a minute
->Minute videos pulled from a database
->Minutes will be randomly arranged to that viewers can make their own inferences about what might be affecting people’s perception of a minute
Allow people to add their own minutes to the project database on the spot


What I have so far
App that plays back (preselected) minutes
Videos are randomly arranged based on people’s background information
Six app-ready minutes, another 20 or so are still on tape

What I still Have to Do
Digitize and prepare remaining minutes
Clean up / polish app
->Do another pass on video arrangement
->Fix memory issues
Create second app to record new minutes on the spot and submit to database
Build booth for recording and other presentation components

And If I have time…
Add to database
->Record more minutes
->Collect optional background information
Add extra feature to arrange videos based on background info

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