cell phone intervention

by Mishugana @ 5:53 pm 29 March 2010

some explanation/stream of consciousness. needs work but i really wanted to post something before tonight and I’m running out of time that i can do that. I will fix up the rest of this on Wednesday night and make it clearer and much better written. (for now though, i feel that something is better than nothing) so here goes:

some very quick writings i did during class

This is a three part experiement/digital intervention that aims to examine the relationship
that our cell phones have with communication. Cell phones are designed to enhance communication and give the user power
often it distracts the user from real world communication and this interuption isnt helpful because even when considering
the added virtual communication, the whole doesnt equal the sum of its parts.
Step one is to make people aware of the situation without effecting the situation.
If people would only observe their own environment there is a chance they would be enlightened, by showcasing the existing
world that people live people will be more aware of the interuption that happens on a day to day basis.
BY connecting GSM activated LED keychains to  light siren and having it sit in a class room. people will be more aware of the
frequency of virtual interuptions. Even vibrating/silent calls/texts will set off the siren so this is
like the oppisite of the mosquito ring tone.
Step two would be to create fake ring tone devices that only make loud ring tone sounds and have it go off in interesting spaces/times
BY taking the previous step further and actually changing a situation I can cause people to question the very nature of these
interuptions and why they are necesary. By placeing the ringers in places like… the ceiling, rafters, vents, sewers, and have
them go off when people wait for the bus or go shopping or are in an HCI interview, people will be forced to confront
The third and last step of cell phone rehabilitation is putting the power of cell phone communication back into the hands of the people
by connecting a car radio fm transmitter to a cell phone headset and setting my phone to autoanswer. i can broadcast anyone who
calls my number (a number that will be advertised) and then anyone who tunes into the frequency, or any radios set to the frequency
that are connected to speakers set up in places i choose will hear anything that people want to say un censored, unleashing the real power
this device to the common people.


  1. Hi Matt – thanks for making an effort to put this up.
    I think your ideas are really strong. You need to work on presentation (even this blog post is an example) — as your ideas are not shining through to their best effect. Let’s regroup after passover and bang this into shape!

    Comment by golan — 30 March 2010 @ 6:11 am
  2. Comments from 2010/04/07

    Matt Sandler

    solar panel chargers for outdoor phones that are strapped to weird places outdoors.
    i will look into getting these.-matt

    Your project will be helped by a nice clean design plan. See Crispin Jones, Social Mobiles: (2002) Crispin Jones with IDEO
    this guy is great, i love these phones and the project is geared very similarly. i wish he had more writing. although i was kind of depressed when i saw that he sold watched but i will have to look into it more.-matt

    I wonder if you could visualize your idea somehow…show how the cell phone distruption affects an environment. Video or audio recording? That may be ambitious, but cool. 🙂 But, I do agree that you need some visualization.

    are these interactions going to be documented at all or just done…
    haha, documented. -matt

    Is there a way of tracking where the phones are? If you’re having people put the phone somewhere new, it would be great to be able to track where they migrate to
    will work on a script for the webpage – great idea.-matt

    Please blog the dog collar. please, please. We’re gonna have you do a performance.
    will do! and will stream it live.-matt

    Comment by golan — 7 April 2010 @ 1:22 pm

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