Final Project Progress: Flight Maps

by rcameron @ 10:15 am 19 April 2010

Name: Any ideas? Something that’d make for a catchy url.

It will be presented on my laptop. Currently being moved to HTML5.

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  1. Rich — comments from the crit 4/20:
    ✓ Rich: Flight Map Thing
    Ping pong ball diffuser for the LEDs?
    The display looks pretty rudimentary– those lines, ech. How about just a nice web app? it’s nice that you messed around with computer vision — fine — but the web app is the real contribution of your project. –GL

    You could just change the colors before projecting so that it doesn’t pick it up in the feedback.

    Hooray, glowing lights! I agree with adding a description or something–maybe in the lower left hand corner explaining how to interact with your map. I’m guessing that when you integrate the light recognition, you will display information associated with the points (name of the city, price etc.). Maybe you could somehow distinguish dots of more popular places from less popular places by using different colors or varying the size of the points on the map. In one project we saw, there were moving trajectories going from one destination to another to indicate flight paths–maybe do something like that to make your interface more interesting to look at. Very cool though–can’t wait to interact with the finished product! 😀 -Amanda

    This would be a baller google maps interface. Baller.

    Three hands! Feedback!

    Neat! Or you could translate the colors to B&W when shown on the screen, and only detect color. How bright are those things (lumens)? They kinda hurt my eyes. 😛 -SB
    – It’s one of these:
    -“Superbright” is right. Hard to believe those are only 2000. I’m a little scared of their 16000-33000 lumen model. The 7,000 ones I have already blind me enough. Thanks.

    You should get a smaller LED and integrate it into a push pin. The metaphor would be better. I’m not sure how you would power it. Maybe there are two leads with one longer than the other and a positive pin at one level of the backing material and ground a little further down.

    I think the map would be cool if it had animations. you can do this creatively so that there is minimal work animating and just a coded cool looking thing.

    How does the flight information display?

    What if use RGB LEDs? You can filter the infos by Airlines, or transportation(bus, trains….- in case you deal with Pittburgh map) using LED colors.

    Are the locations with circles the only places that people can query? If it’s not too much more work, maybe it’d be cool to find the nearest airports given an arbitrary point on the map and then making dots appear.

    The iPad would be a nice place to put this. Check out CoreAnimation. Even better: CoreAnimation in MacRuby. CoreAnimation is made to make the good clean beziers go doing.

    Along the lines of what Matts saying (random select a location in America that you could visit), you could put a little description from wikipedia about the randomly chosen place and make it something that encourages exploration or something
    also pictures maybe. maybe image search or geotagging(geotagging is probably kind of weak outside of america)

    Comment by golan — 20 April 2010 @ 11:18 am

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