Kaleidoscope Mirror – Progress

by ryun @ 10:27 am 19 April 2010

0. Progress

1. Project Image

2. Project Description

This Kaleidoscope mirror allows the viewers to see themselves with various fun  effect. By rotating the mirror frame. viewers can manipulate their face in realtime and even allows the time travel.

3. Hardware Issue (tricky!!)

1. I need good quality of projector (if poor quality, viewer will see the rectangular edge of the screen – like the projector that I am using for the prototype).

2. The first picture below explains how the mirror setup will be. The projector should be slanted and set up high so that viewer do not block the projected screen.

For the exhibition, my idea is to hang the projector at the bottom of second floor hand-drill (yellow highlight). But I am sure about this idea.

4. Favorite Project

1. David Yen’s elastic type
2. Max’s Tesserae

3. Kuan’s Trees Cycle

1 Comment

  1. Ray – comments from crit 4/21


    Get Keynote.

    Kineme has a Quartz Composer profiler that can help you track down that memory leak:
    It’s probably in that plugin code that I hacked together. Let me know if that’s the problem.

    What if the image rotated the opposite way?

    Impressive work!

    It’s really responisive. There seems to be almost no delay between the time you rotate the mirror and the time the image rotates. I think this helps to make it more compelling.

    I think your project might benefit from having even more geometries warping the image and making it look more like an actual kaleidoscope

    This is really awesome. I’d love to play with different modes that you’ve talked about, since it’s a really interesting interface.

    Comment by golan — 25 April 2010 @ 1:00 pm

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