by kuanjuw @ 10:09 am 19 April 2010

Hardware: Projector, camera.
1. Fantastic Elastic Type [David Yen]
2. FaceFlip [Max Hawkins]
3. Tesserae: Making Art Out of Google Images [Max Hawkins]

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  1. comments from the crit 4/21:


    The little blobs are adorable! I wonder if you could add color, or vary the characterists of each blob to make it more interesting? If you can’t get the infared to work, you could do a genetic simulation thing…maybe do a version of The Game of Life? You could probably incorporate infared into that game as well. 😉 Nice start, good luck! -Amanda
    Conway’s Game of Life:

    ps3 eye they arent too expensive i think
    Watch this video!!!:
    it explains how to remove the IR-cut filter from the PS3 Eye cam.

    Would it help the robots move if they were slick of the bottom or something?

    Comment by golan — 25 April 2010 @ 12:57 pm

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