project listen sketches: progress

by davidyen @ 10:14 am 19 April 2010

Sentence summary: Mini game sketches for teaching children how to read more fluently.

I could display this on a laptop and possibly a DVD (not sure if I want to do a video instead of running the program, might be easier to explain).

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  1. David – crit notes from 4/21

    looks very nice! the text at the bottom of the screen looks a little out of place though, maybe you can make it the same font as the words in the bubbles (if it isn’t already) and make the font size a little larger.

    looks good, but what if you read fluently at a different pace the the rate of the passing targets? Will it still work?

    I love it so much!!!


    Comment by golan — 25 April 2010 @ 1:02 pm

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