Final Project: Update

by areuter @ 8:23 am 21 April 2010

This is not a final screenshot!! The videos displayed are for testing purposes only.

Minute is an investigation into our individually unique perception of time. Participants are asked to perceive the duration of one minute, and a video recording of this minute is added to a database. A visual arrangement of minutes is then created by pulling twenty random videos from the database.

Hardware needs for the showcase on 4/28:
Ideally, a monitor and Mac mini, but a monitor and DVD player could also work.

Some favorites:
Cheng’s Words From Beyond Hope
Paul’s The Central Dimension of Human Personality
David’s Fantastic Elastic Type

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  1. comments from crit, 4/21/2010:


    Woo-hoo…technical difficulties!


    You should have a bar or a circle with the time

    string dir = ofToDataPath(“movies”, false);
    // cout << dir << endl; puts(dir); // <-- Doesn't this work?

    Comment by golan — 25 April 2010 @ 1:47 pm

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