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by Alex Wolfe @ 7:06 am 24 January 2012


Doggleganger  is an app  developed by the Pedigree Adoption Drive and NEC. It uses a simple face recognition system to match dogs in need of a home to the humans that use it.

The Artist is Present

Developed by pippinbar games, The Artist is Present is an old school Sierra-style recreation of the famous performance piece of the same name by Marina Abramovic. The user can relieve the experience including the incredibly long and frustrating line into the museum.

“Have the experience only a lucky few have ever had! Stare into Marina Abramovic’s eyes! Make of it what you will! Just like art!”


 Nando Costa | The New America

Nando Costa is currently producing a “crowd sourced” animation through Each frame of the finished production is being laser engraved on a separate block of wood, which those who would like to contribute can purchase to help fund the project.


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