Lecture 11-03-02

by Dan Wilcox @ 4:37 pm 2 March 2011

In today’s class, I introduced Pure Data, a graphical patching environment for multimedia. This is a different approach to programming then a text based language and is useful for generative sound and multimedia.

Get PD

Make sure to download and install PD from: http://puredata.info/community/projects/software/pd-extended

PD Projects

Here are some projects using Pure Data:


Today we followed chapter 2 in Programming Electronic Music in Pd: http://www.pd-tutorial.com/english/ch02.html

Here is the small 4 note sequencer we made during the tutorial: 4note-sequencer


Remember you can read the help on any object by right clicking on the object and choosing Help. Another useful built-in resource is the Help Browser under the Help Menu->Browser or Ctrl-B / Cmd-B. I’d recommend the examples under Pure Data/ to get started. There is also the short PD manual under Help->Html.

If you want to try out the graphical environment for PD (GEM) check out the GEM manual under Help->Browser->GEM->examples and manual.


Here are other relevant resources:



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