Project1 – Gauntlet

by Golan Levin @ 8:15 am 10 January 2011

This assignment has 3 parts, all of which are due this Wednesday (January 12) at the beginning of class. People on the waitlist who fail to complete the gauntlet will forfeit their place in the class.

  1. Looking Outwards. Browse blogs and other sources to discover three projects by other people that you haven’t seen before. (Consider digging around the sites listed in the Blogroll, below right.) Also: consider selecting projects that are made by individuals or small teams, rather than large companies. In a blog post, embed relevant images or video of each project, and write a paragraph (~100-150) words about each, in which you:
    • Explain the project in just a sentence or two;
    • Explain what inspires you about the project (i.e. what you find interesting);
    • Critique the project: describe how could it be more effective; discuss some of the other possibilities that it suggests.
    • Please tag all such entries with the WordPress “Category”, LookingOutwards.
    • Name your blog post(s) consistently, with the title YourName-LookingOutwards-1, etcetera.
  2. Reproduce Schotter (1965) by Georg Nees in Processing.js, Processing, and OpenFrameworks. You must develop versions of this project in all three environments. Please note that OpenFrameworks requires a development environment such as XCode (OSX), CodeBlocks (Win), VisualStudio (Win) or GCC (Linux). (The Macs in room CFA-318 have XCode.)
    Don’t forget to include the following:
    • Embed the Processing.js active object;
    • Embed the Processing Applet object;
    • Embed your Processing code into the blog post, using the WP-Syntax wordpress plugin for the code text formatting;
    • Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video demonstrating your OpenFrameworks project;
    • Please tag your blog post with the WordPress “Category”, Project1.
    • Name your blog post consistently, with the title YourName-Schotter.
  3. Reproduce Text Rain (1999) by Camille Utterback, using one of the following environments: Processing, OpenFrameworks, Cinder,  MaxMSP/Jitter, or Flash. It should require less than a page of code. Document your work in a YouTube or Vimeo video; then name your blog post consistently, with the title YourName-TextRain.

Submit your assignment by creating a blog post with text, embedding active elements (for Processing.js, Processing, or Flash), and documentation videos in YouTube or Vimeo (for camera-based projects in OpenFrameworks, MaxMSP/Jitter, or Cinder); See the Embed Instructions.

Also: if you are not already doing so, please follow Professor Levin on Twitter (@golan) or Facebook (golanlevin) for timely updates and other news.

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