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by Golan Levin @ 4:28 pm 10 January 2011

This blog uses the Kimili Flash Embed Plugin to embed SWF files in your posts. Here’s a demo of a Flash upload and embedding in the blog:


  • First, I created a project whose filename included my name and my project number (and as a precaution, had no capital letters). That’s important!
  • I Published (exported) my program, from Flash (Shift-F12 or File->Publish).
  • I logged into the blog and chose to “Add New” Post (not Page).
  • I used the Upload/Insert “Add Media” button (8-pointed star) to upload my .SWF file. Before closing the Uploader window, I made a note of its storage location URL, which looks like this: http://golancourses.net/2010spring/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/3_graphics.swf
  • This blog has installed the Kimili Flash Embed Plugin, about which you can read more here. In the Post Editor, you will see either a red Flash button (in Visual mode), or a “Kimili Flash Embed” button (in HTML mode). Press this button, and you will now be editing the Kimili Tag Generator.
  • Paste the storage location URL into the field labeled “Flash (.swf)”, which currently has “untitled.swf”.
  • Enter the dimensions of your Flash program into the “Dimensions” fields, and press the Generate button. This will insert some text beginning with [kml …. ] into your blog post.
  • I remembered to Categorize my blog Post with an appropriate category, e.g. Project-0.
  • I also uploaded a zip archive of my entire Flash project, for archival purposes, which I linked in here: flash_as3_sample_drawing_3.zip.

And voilà!:

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