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Color of Couture

In the pursuit of visualizing 8000 images from the 2016 runways, I came across an interesting discovery about the uniformity of runway models. We all know the stereotype of models seemingly all coming from the same mold. By sorting these …

Bo Kim

05 Apr 2016


I used an image database for drawings of god done by children.
The drawings were collected in 6 different countries including Iran, Japan, USA, Romania, Russia, and Switzerland. I was able to collect metadata of the child’s gender, age, …

Oliver Daids

05 Apr 2016

Code Is Here





tsne_grid_streetview_compressed tsne_grid_streetview_full_small

The dataset I worked with was Google Streetview, since it is a massive database of images documenting nearly every road in the U.S. and other countries.  Stop signs almost always appear around intersections …

Robert Zacharias

05 Apr 2016

Facing literally millions of potential source images, distributed across perhaps 100 or so data sources, was a difficult challenge for me at the start of this project. After a few hours of looking, I still hadn’t found anything especially promising.…

Akiva Krauthamer

05 Apr 2016

This project was a trail of exploration starting with a large database of Japanese woodblock prints and an interest in using code to learn about the process that made them.

The database I used was created by the amazing …

Luca Damasco

05 Apr 2016

Teenie Harris was a professional photographer in Pittsburgh’s Hill District from the 1930’s through the 1970’s. His work catalogued the lives of Pittsburgh’s African American community for generations. After his death in the late 1990’s, Teenie left behind an archive …

Katherine Habeck

04 Apr 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.49.00 PM


I began this project with an interested in the dataset of describable textures. I liked this set of images because they are playful, removed from their original context, and grouped not by subject, but by the feel and …

Chelsea Kwong

03 Apr 2016

I created a Mega Kanji generator that combines similar meaning kanjis together to form a new kanji, which I have named as “Mega Kanji.” I wanted to do this because coming from a Chinese heritage I had to learn to …