Jeff Crossman

14 Jan 2014

I’m currently a master’s student at the  Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Formerly I was a senior software engineer where over the years I got a taste for design. Now I am back at school to develop this skill and follow my interests in interactive art, data visualization, and all manner of creative and beautiful uses for computers and software.

Previous Project: VECHO

“VECHO creates a visual reflection of the spoken word. Say a few sentences, or tell a story. VECHO will listen and find imagery for keywords, no matter what you say.”

With this application I explored the use of some of the latest speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to create a fun and interesting application that automatically creates visuals based off speech detected by the microphone.




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  1. Andrew Sweet

    The “How it Works” link on VECHO’s site features only the standard “Lorem Ipsum” latin text.

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