MacKenzie Bates

14 Jan 2014


I am currently a junior majoring in: Computer Science & Art.

I am Interested in video game development and wants to greater explore music visualization. I have a decent amount of 2D video game development and have made a large number of music videos. In IACD I want to either explore 3D game development or deal with music visualization programmatically instead of using videos or photos.

Originally from Avon Lake, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland).

A Project of Mine:


While the main goal of is to serve as my official portfolio, it is also houses my self-documentation (my in-progress autobiography if you wish). Another goal of is it to present my artistic works from my very beginnings as an artist to what I am currently working on. An artist timeline. What this means though is that a decent amount of content on will be older works of mine and won’t be up to my current day quality of work, but I make this clear with how information is presented.

The amusing thing is that I think the best piece of art on the website currently is the website itself. Honestly. This is the single piece of art I have spent the most time on. Its kind of ironic in a way, I spend all this time creating this to showcase art and its better than the art it is showcasing but I guess that just sort of fits who I am.

The Links: