Kevan Loney

11 Feb 2014

I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to openFrameworks and looking to other’s for inspirations always gets me excited at the possibilities that can come with it to benefit my design process when creating/designing for the theatrical environment. The three below caught my attention because they all have ideas/concepts that I would possibly want to explore in the future (maybe for my final project?).

Puppet Parade:

This one catches my eye at the idea of virtual puppetry. It has long been an interest of mine to allow the actor to virtually control the puppet and have it augment out through projection mapping into a new environment. Thus allowing them to take a new form and personality altogether. This is a major step into that direction. The design of it also helps this project out. Since it is clean and stylized, they can get away with a simpler 3D model to manipulate live. This was smart planning on their part.

Mortal Engine: By Chunky Move:

I can’t confirm if this was done completely in openFrameworks, but I’ve seen many openFramework sketched that do something similar. This one is just a prime example of how well this concept can be accomplished. This also leads to my goal of having a fully interactive stage environment, where the actor is in complete control so they are not confined to the limits of the program.

Shutter Spot:

This one is a very interesting idea. To have the actor control the lights attributes with their actions would be a very interesting/cool concept to look into in the future. I also love what they have done with the sound responsiveness in this installation as well.