Looking Outwards 4 – OpenFramworks

Forms by Memo Akten

Forms is an audio-visual installation that maps the movement of professional athletes’ bodies and generates geometrical  shapes. The artist isolates something very abstract, a continuous movement, from the athletes body and form. By doing so, he allows users to view it with greater clarity and see the mathematical beauty in it.


Van Gogh’s Starry Night Interactive by Petros Vrellis

Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings. It was interesting to see it come to life. I like that the animation did not distort the original artwork too much, rather adding to it and staying true to the painting., The algorithm emphasized the beauty of the brush strokes in the original painting. I was however kind of disappointed to see that the velocity field had to be set manually. Had it been computationally derived, the algorithm could have been applied to other paintings. Deriving the flow velocity in Van Gogh’s paintings seems like a very interesting problem to work on.


Receipt Racer

In this application, openFrameworks was used to create the collision test between the projection of the car and the printed maze, as well as take input from the game controller. It’s interesting to see how the developers used a static medium (such as receipt paper) to create a dynamic game.  The project is really funny, but it wastes so much paper!