Shan Huang

29 Jan 2014

Laser & Pixel Graffiti – A cool and surprisingly moving project that might be a breakthrough

Make sure to check out the part after 2:55. I love digital graffiti idea. The dripping graffitis were projected onto the most suitable background – the context they belonged – giant real buildings. The scale of the projections helped distinguish this project from other projection based arts. But I was also very moved by the fact that they used the eye tracker to enable an ALS patient to draw again. Seeing the word “TEMPT” projected onto many buildings gave me the feeling that “this is what technology is all about.”

Hand from above – A fast but fun OpenFramework project

As many artists stated in various sources, people like looking at themselves, and they tend to search for themselves first when they see an art piece. This project puts into a display of an ordinary street scene an annoying hand that keeps fiddling with passersby in the street. People may see their images pinched, chased or even removed by the hand. Some may find it a little offensive, but I love the humor of it.

Chase no face – A project that is visually interesting

This video just looks so amazing… It’s also fun to see visuals projected onto unusual surfaces like people’s faces, rather than plain flat walls. I like the way the visuals react to her facial movement.