Shan Huang

29 Jan 2014


I’ve started playing around with LeapMotion since last semester though I struggled to find an environment to best render my graphics. Mere OpenGL + C++ seemed a little too low-level. Leap+Unity worked pretty well for me but running my projects with the whole Unity engine attached seemed too cumbersome. It’s wonderful to find out that OpenFrameworks also has a Leap addon and I’m excited to try it out.


I’m thinking about making a game that uses the Leap Motion controller. The game needs a physical engine, and ofxBox2D seems like a handy physical engine that I can borrow right away.


For my game I’d want to programmatically edit my animation clips, and possibly blend between clips via coding. I am not sure if ofxTimeline could get the job done but its demo video seems pretty promising. So I think I will give it a shot.