Assignment 3X (Due Mar 3)

3X. Bots n’ Charts (Due March 3)

This is a two-part project.

31. A bot: an automated generator of culture.
32. An information visualization.

Yes, I’m asking you to make a Twitter bot and a visualization.
Or am I? Here’s what those assignments are really about (respectively):

31. A Machine for Public, Performative Generativity
32. A Rendering of Data into a Meaningful, Perceptible Form

Note: These two parts are not expected to be of equal significance to you. Choose one of these projects to be your primary submission, and one of these to be your secondary submission for 3X. Be sure to indicate which is which. (For argument’s sake, I suggest that you spend 2/3 or 3/4 of your effort on your primary submission.)

In addition to the above, three Looking Outward assignments are also due during this period:

  • Thu 2/12 LO#05 Due: Theme: Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning in the Arts
  • Thu 2/19 LO#06 Due: Capstone Project background research I. 
  • Thu 2/26 LO#07 Due: Self-directed theme.