15 May 2015

My project is called Re-frame.

Project evolved from the idea of using patterns in urban spaces such as manholes to create virtual worlds. A custom frame was created by adding simple binary patterns at the edges. This frame can be used as a window to frame objects from the world. Virtual content can be rendered inside or around this frame to align with the real world object the frame is pointed to.


Re-frame is essentially a step ahead in creating image targets which are not fully known for computation so that virtual content can be created on the fly.

The aesthetic of frame is evolved from Parallel universe window from TV series Fringe

And this clip of roadrunner

Capstone Review

Frame can be used in multiple scenarios: (Video upcoming)
1. Time travel:
History of a place can be rendered inside the frame which can be seen in context through the frame
For example: Different seasons can be visualized using the frame.

(Please click on the image to see animation)

2. Space travel:
Same place can be seen from different perspectives using frame
For Example: Frame showing what is 200m ahead from where you are looking

Perspectives: Same object can be seen from different perspectives.
For Example: Frame can show satellite view of the place you are looking at

3. Data
Frame can dynamically look at objects and reveal more about the world
For Example: Look at a lab in CMU through frame to see NSF grant the lab makes use of.