Assignment 2X (Due Feb 10)

Assignment 2X has four parts:

2X. Gauntlet Part II & Generative Form (Due February 10)

This is a four-part assignment intended to introduce additional arts-engineering tools, and give practice in generative 2D and 3D form.

21. Creation of an openFrameworks application involving 2 or more ofxAddon libraries.
22. Creation of a computationally-generated Animated GIF
23. Creation of a program to generate a 3D parametric object
24. A (paper) sketch for your upcoming information visualization

In addition to the above, two Looking Outward assignments are also due:

  • Thu 1/29 LO#03 Due: Theme: OpenFrameworks & OF Addons
  • Thu 2/05 LO#04 Due: Theme: Generative Art and/or Design

Furthermore, in preparation for our Thursday morning (workshop) presentation on openFrameworks, please be sure to come prepared by having downloaded openFrameworks and installed an appropriate development environment on your laptop. Instructions (“setup guides”) for installing openFrameworks for your operating system can be found hereNote that you may need to download several GB of application data, such as XCode or Visual Studio.

If you are in Caitlin Morris’s Sunday (Feb. 1) workshop in Rhino+Python, please note that she has also posted download/installation instructions: