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10 Feb 2015



I did not realize how long this was going to take. After many hours, I was still having trouble to getting my OpenFrameworks compiling. I had to cut my losses and ended up trying to first get empty project to compile, then adding some animation (see above gif). I know, but it was a bleak situation.


I was able to get the included SVG add on to work, using my own SVG and changing the behavior a little.



I didn’t post this code to GitHub because…both programs are only small deviations from the example projects.

This was my first time using OpenFrameworks and I am working on a Windows machine.

Bryce Summers

10 Feb 2015


ofxFluid :



Here is a video:


I looked though the openFrameworks addons website:

I chose the first addons that seemed even remotely interesting and tried to compile them using Open Frameworks. I soon gave up on the one that was only works on osx.

I chose an addon that allows for arced text to be drawn to the screen and a fluid simulation addon. I then combined them by using the arced text as obstacles for the fluid to flow through. I then decided to make the text a little bit more interesting by making it say “The Hidden Message!”. I was not really inspired to combine these libraries, but was interested in seeing if I could find an interaction between two randomly chosen components. I am very pleased with the symbiotic relation that the two addons have with each other and think my project has a high interest to development time ration.

Hidden Message Screenshot.

Hidden Message Screenshot.




09 Feb 2015

Creative Canvas


I have always liked image manipulation but had never had the chance to really experiment with it. I took this assignment as a chance to see what I could create by extracting information from any image. After looking at the openFrameworks addons, I decided to use ofxUI, ofxCV, ofxTriangleMesh, and ofxColorQuantizer.

I used ofxUI to give control to the user (me) to be able to manipulate the image. ofxCV is the one giving me all the main information of the image, mostly the contours. ofxColorQuantizer and ofxTriangleMesh are both being used to add the effects to the image.

So Creative Canvas breaks an image into the main color pallet and finds the contours thanks to this colors. You can switch between contours by clicking ‘c’ to see what it selects.

In the UI, there are 5 main features that can be applied to the image: “draw triangle”, “draw mesh”, “draw outline”, “draw particles” and “random”. What these features do is decide how you are going to draw over the current contour. If you select random, it will randomly select one of this effects.

You can loop as long as you want through the image and very cool effects come out (most of the time).



Many iterations where applied on the color selection and on how the mesh and particles should look and move. Also the colors. Initially I was thinking on using a particular color pallet for all the virtual objects (triangles, particles etc) but it looked soo busy that i decided to keep the same pallet as the image.

The code can be found here:


09 Feb 2015

The player’s blue stream is pursued and attacked by the computer’s stronger fire stream. Made using flow tools and Box2D addon.

When I started playing around with the flow tools addon, I noticed that with the left and right mouse I can create two types of particle flows, one which is blue and weak and another red and strong. That inspired me to make an imbalanced power struggle, between the player who is weaker vs an AI seeker who always aim to attack the player. The seeking behavior is created via an attraction force from Box2D, the 2nd addon I used, which made it easy to do physics things.





Thomas Langerak – OFx

In this OFx sketch I combined ofFacetracker with SimpelSerial to make a sketch.
I track the mood of a person via a webcam and when one looks angry this person gets a shock (or in my prototype a burning LED). When a person looks happy he gets a piece of candy (or a not-buring LED in my prototype). In comparison with my GIF I have used a tremendous amount of internet. Both for debugging and inspiration.

Originally I was planning to do something with a leapmotion. Unfortunately I could not get any of the libraries for this working. My hypotesis is that this has to do with the installation with the SDK. The fact the leapmotion just updated their SDK, but unfortunately I was unable to find a solution. Due to the fact that I already had two libraries working I decided to continue with those.

Further improvements are to be with regard to expressions. I only could accurately track two expressions. More would be preferable. This is probably doable by getting more samples for each expression.OFx

The code can be found on my gitHub: