Looking Outwards – Simulations/Forms

by Chong Han Chua @ 5:23 pm 27 February 2011

I am interested in various growth simulations forming into objects that we can use in our daily lives. Something similar to nervous attack but used in a way to aesthetically shape furniture.

A good example would be http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/5-amazing-full-sized-furniture-pieces-made-with-3d-printing The entry where the stool takes the form of a flock is extremely interesting. I’m wondering if any work can be done in particle systems to simulate this.

In addition, while researching on fluid simulations, I came across this, http://memo.tv/ofxmsafluid marked here for reference just in case the fluid idea in my head connects

I’ve seen a few wonderful processing 3d printing simulation of organic forms. http://www.michael-hansmeyer.com/projects/project4.html aswell as this awe generating piece http://www.sabin-jones.com/arselectronica.html

Lastly, my buddy’s work at www.supabold.com

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