Emily Danchik

11 Feb 2014

For this project, I created an app which takes a person’s face, and generates a sine wave based on a few characteristics. Here’s a picture of me testing it out. There’s no way to look graceful with this thing:
Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.19.51 PM

Here’s a video of our esteemed classmates trying it out:

My biggest takeaway from this project was that sometimes it’s easier to work things out on your own, rather than fumbling around with an addon that promises it will work. I had been working with ofxTonic, but memory issues in the addon download made my app crash soon after it was launched. I tried other libraries, but none worked well enough for my purposes.

Thankfully, we have some electrical engineering classmates, who helped me tremendously by teaching me about the math of sine waves. With their help, we populated the sound buffer manually, rather than trying to get ofxTonic up to speed. It works really well!

(Sketches soon, when my phone sends the email)