Amy Friedman

14 Feb 2015

City Pulse

City Pulse – a biometric interface from Kalle Hübinger on Vimeo.

Installation created by Kalle Hubinger called City Pulse in January 2014 for Interior Design Week Köln 2014. This installtion utilizes pulse rhythms to inform the light and sound of the space. The biometric data is analyzed, stored and displayed. The piece comments “The user is part of an experimental interfaces at the edge between action/reaction, inside/outside and part of the overall pulse of the city”. I dont know if I truly understand how this connection is informed, but the more people who participate the greater the data set becomes. Except the installation only remembers the last 3 users and the most current is displayed, therefore I dont understand the connection to the city as a whole. This installation uses MaxMSP, LEDs, and arduinos to create the ambiance. It sees to create an immersive atmosphere, but I dont know if it succeeds at encapsulating the pulse of the “city” itself. This reminds me of the installation I had posted in the past “Qi Visualizer” by Yuan Yifan.


Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer by CInq7

Calvin Harris takes a new perspective on synthesizers by combining human touch and foot connections to create music. Using MaxMSP, Arduinos, and bodysafe conductive paint Harris is able to program and create his own music. Human contact closes the circuits and allows for instruments to orchestrate. I think this installation succeeds in creating interactive experience, but I dont know if it is necessary to have half naked girls for the musics to succeed. This was an interesting take and allows for people to personalize their own music, based on what they are programmed to produce when the circuit closes. This reminds me of the Piano Steps by Fun Theory but this creates music on people, it would be intriguing to allow for this to be apart of clothing to have a collective of people orchestrate their own music and be a way for people to create their own rhythms through others.