24. Infoviz Sketch

The purpose of this lightweight assignment is simply to get you started thinking about your upcoming information visualization in Assignment 3X), which will (in all likelihood) use the data you collected in assignment 12-datascraping.


  • Do some sketches on paper, illustrating some possibilities for the form your visualization may take. Note, that your visualization doesn’t have to be an interactive-rectangle-in-a-browser (though that’s probably the median assignment). For example, your visualization could take the form of a (computationally-generated) book, or a (computationally-generated) video, etc.
  • In a blog post, briefly remind us what kind of data you collected. Now embed photos or scans of your sketches. Add some annotations or captions to explain your drawings.
  • Round out your blog post with a little research. Has someone else done something similar, that has inspired you? Does another visualization by someone else contain a solution to a similar problem as yours? Include a link and/or picture to something relevant, if you’re aware of something.
  • Take a look at some of the various D3.js visualization examples. Might any of them serve your needs?
  • Categorize your blog post with the category, 24-infovizsketch.