Bryce Summers

03 Mar 2015

Tweetable Summary

Dwarf bots discuss differing perspectives on randomly selected subjects as to highlight how the same ideas can be perceived in differing ways among individuals.


I have not yet made the dwarf bots, so I have no link.


In our discussion of twitter bots, I have only heard of singular bots publishing information on the internet, so I thought that it would be more interesting to create robots that talk to each other and interact much like actual twitter users.

I then thought that each bot should have a explicit personality, so I thought about the seven dwarfes, where each dwarf has a singular emotion that sums up their personality.

I have noticed that many people I meet have different views on that same subject and I wonder if I can have bots that express both happiness and sadness, wonderment and dullness, etc towards the same idea or information, then they might be able to start up a discussion of accepting multiple views in human conversation.

Questions that I will have to answer at at a later date.

  • Your evaluation of its results, including: Did your bot ever surprise you, or make you laugh? Discuss any surprising posts it generated which you felt were particularly successful.
  • Did you (already) receive any interesting reactions to your bot? Did anyone follow your bot? Did your bot make any posts that others have shared? Discuss your audience, if your bot reached one.
  • If you use a publishing channel other than Twitter, please discuss why you chose that channel.

Michael Cook Category

I think my bot will fall under the “Watcher” Category.


TODO : Add Screenshots.