Bryce Summers

16 Mar 2015

Artistic Model Train Layout

This model train layout that I found on YouTube has so much order that it excites me. The layout consists of a huge spiral with an entrance in the middle and an exit on the outside. On the track, travels a ridiculously long train with a regular pattern of cars and engines. The shear length of the train causes me to be impressed that no derailments occur. I consider this a work of interactive or at least moving art, because the train is ever moving and creates a circling field of geometry shapes that has a lovely texture as the train circles by. The repetition and logic of it all appeals the orderly side of myself.

As for improvements, it might have been better if the video could have been from a top down perspective instead of a gaze from the side, because then the 2D shapes of the cars would be more apparent. I also think that the lighting for the scene could have been better, the authors could have done more to create specular reflections at special angles through the material properties of the cars and the angles of the light sources. I believe the author was just having fun creating a train layout and was not attempting to make art, so it is not surprising that the work seems to lack dramatic considerations.

Sim Tower, Yoot Tower

I was referred to another great game involving elevator management last week. I found out that their were entire games based on towers and elevators made in the past including SimTower and Yoot Tower. These games are the kind that I would have been proud to have made.  Yoot Tower incorporates many features that I have thought of including allowing elevators permissions for certain floors, setting the resting floor for certain elevators, and controlling the amount of elevators that are built. I found the visual layout to be very helpful, because it provides many ideas for ways in which to present multiple elevators, floors, the underground, etc.