26 Mar 2015

Week 1

Build the basic model and finish the audio sketch

  • Connect XboX controller and my computer, test in Max/Msp
  • Use Max/Msp to make a simple drum machine, that can trigger several playbacks
  • Also, controller need to be able to set duration and volume for the current note.

Week 2

Build the visual sketch

  • Connect Max/Msp with Processing together
  • Pass control signal from Max/Msp to Processing
  • Designa and implement animation for control signals

Week 3

Build the robot part

  • Find out how to hack Keepon
  • Use this knowledge to pass control signal to Keepon through Arduino

Week 4

  • Redesign audio samples to make the output sound more interesting
  • Group audio samples into several groups and make a selection GUI in the main animation

Week 5

  • Deign more Keepon dancing patterns
  • Look up the part about music emotion system, find out if there is one that ready-to-use
  • Improve details in animation and interaction